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   Status Update: 15 November 2015
[Data Loss @ 13/11/15]

The ~90 days worth of logs lost last week due to corruption (covering Aug 8 - Nov 14) have now been restored.
A very special thanks to both DrMcCoy and Strangerke for providing the missing files!
Logs from the ScummVM Channel (#scummvm on
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Logs are in UTC (Prior to 26/Jul/11: UTC+1)
scummvm.log.28Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.27Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.26Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.25Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.24Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.23Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.22Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.21Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.20Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.19Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.18Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.17Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.16Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.15Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.14Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.13Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.12Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.11Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.10Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.09Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.08Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.07Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.06Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.05Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.04Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.03Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.02Nov2015 [text] [html]
scummvm.log.01Nov2015 [text] [html]

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